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Storing Stuffed Animals Quickly and Easily

Storing stuffed animals is sometimes a hard thing to do.  While these little critters are cute, they can be hard to put away properly.  You need to make sure that no pest will get inside.  If a child has loved a stuffed animal, there can be food particles left on them, which are especially attractive to animals.  So you need to ensure that these pets are put away where they won’t be disturbed.

You basically have two methods of putting these animals away – out in the open, and packed up.  If you want to display them somewhere, you have a few different option.  To store them somewhere out of the way, you need to take some more precautions.

To display stuffed animals, you can use a toy hammock, toy tree, toy chain, or The Zoo.  All of these items allow you to put the animals on display while still keeping them out of the way.  You can also use a shelf to display a few animals, but this doesn’t hold that many.  Here’s a little chart:


How Many? Method
Few (less than 10) Shelf, small toy hammock
Between 10 and 30 toy chain, toy hammock, toy tree
More than 30 Toy Zoo, large toy hammock
How Many? Method
Few (less than 10) Shelf, small toy hammock
Between 10 and 30 toy chain, toy hammock, toy tree
More than 30 Toy Zoo, large toy hammock

If you want to store the toys out of the way, you have a more difficult task ahead of you.  You need to make sure that the animals are  clean.  You can run most through the washer on gentle cycle if you put them inside a laundry bag or pillowcase.  You can also try hand washing less sturdy animals.  Make sure that all the water gets squeezed out to help them dry quickly.  Then place in the dry on low heat.

I would advise storing the animals in sealed bags as opposed to bins.  This prevent dirt, insects, and water from getting in. Vaccuum sealed bags are a very good option for this, especially if you are storing the stuffed animals in the basement, attic or garage.

Original Chain Gang Toy Organizer

I’ve talked about the original chain gang toy organizer on this blog before.  But did you know that you can get the clips in different colors?

The standard color for the clips is white.  However, you can get it in pastel or primary colors as well.  Here’s some pictures:

original chain gang toy organizeroriginal chain gang toy organizer pastelyellow original chain gang organizer


You can find the white one here.  Here is the primary colored, the pastel, and the yellow original chain gang organizer.

Now, why should you get the original chain gang toy organizer? If you want a cute way to organize stuffed animals, this is definitely a great option.  It looks good in a child’s room.  Plus, kids think that it’s fun to use.

However, don’t get it for young children unless you want to clip the animals on for them.  The clips are hard for children under five to use.  Also, you have to emphasize that the kids SHOULD NOT SWING ON IT.  Trust me.  I have three boys and they like to play Tarzan whenever they get the chance.  If they swing on it, it may come out of the ceiling and they’ll get hurt.  Older children may be less likely to do this than younger children.

I still prefer a good toy hammock, but this is a good supplement if your kids are old enough to clip them on by themselves and you can trust them not to swing on it like Tarzan.  Plus, you can use the chain for other things, like clipping bags of snacks in the pantry or mittens up to dry.


Stuffed Animal Hammock

What is a stuffed animal hammock?  It’s simply a toy hammock that holds stuffed animals.  Of course, it could hold other toys as well.  But that’s neither here nor there…

The best stuffed animal hammock should hold plenty of animals.  It shouldn’t allow them to just bounce out when you throw the animals up.  It should attach to the wall firmly and stay there without you having to worry about it falling.  And of course, it should be easy to install.

Here’s the best stuffed animal hammock I’ve found:

stuffed animal hammock You can find it here over at Amazon.  It’s usually costs under $10, but if you throw in a few other things you need, shipping will be free!