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Chain Gang Toy Organizer – Cute Toy Storage!

An slightly different option to the toy hammock is the chain gang toy organizer.  It provide an interesting display for your stuffed animals that many people like.

chain gang toy organizer

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Many people buy a Chain Gang toy organizer to go along with their toy hammock.  Sometimes, manufacturers even package the two together, like the Toy Hammock by Dream Baby.

It comes with twenty clips to hang stuffed animals with.  It’s also great for hanging small items like gloves and hats.  You can even use it to store small bags of snacks in the pantry or display children’s artwork.

It’s six feet long, which give you plenty of room to space out the twenty clips. Many people do purchase extra clips to go with it though.  It does attach securely to the ceiling.  If you’re going to be hanging a lot on it, make sure you place it in a beam.

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