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Cotton Tale Designs Lizzie Toy Bag

Do you want a cute and welcoming nursery design for your little girl?  The Cotton Tale Designs Lizzie Toy Bag may be the perfect answer to your needs.

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With quality materials and a unique design, Cotton Tale Designs toy bags are a cute accessory for any nursery.  They allow you store small toys within easy access for your baby while in the crib or being changed.  This bag fits perfectly on the end of the crib.  It can also be hung by the changing table for your baby’s entertainment.

The Cotton Tale  Designs Lizzie toy bag is perfect for little girls.  The Lizzie design features three appliqued daisies on the front.  The outside of the bag is white with small red dots.  The inside is lined in red with large white dots.

The toy bag is larger than most people think.  It is the width of the short side of the crib, but the ties are long so you can tie it on the long side if you want.  It does hold a lot of toys, making clean up easy before bed time.  The exact dimensions of the bag are 10″x12″x1″.

If you do hang it on the crib, make sure to install it on the outside.  When your child is small, it could pose a suffocation hazard if in the crib.  As your child grows, he or she will figure out a way to climb out using the bag if it is in there.

Overall, this bag is cute and works well with the Lizzie theme!

cotton tale lizzie toy bag

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