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Toy Hammock Sale!

Toy hammock sale!  Even though toy hammocks are affordable any way you look at it, it’s always nice to find a good toy hammock on sale.  Right now, the Prince Lionheart toy hammock, with 92 reviews and an average rating of 4 1/2 stars, is on sale.

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toy hammock sale

I’ve talked about the Prince Lionheart Jumbo Toy Hammock before, but it can always stand a mention again, especially when there’s a toy hammock sale!  It’s really one of the best models if you want an affordable, large toy hammock for storing a lot of stuffed animals or toys.

The Zoo Stuffed Animal Keeper

I recently found this other alternative to a traditional toy hammock.  It’s quite a bit larger, so it’s not for everyone.  But The Zoo Stuffed Animal Keeper is super cute!

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You can’t find The Zoo at a site like Amazon, or any other retailer for that matter.  It was designed by a woodworker for his wife to hold her growing stuffed animal collection.  He made flexible bars for the front to allow easy access to the animals.  It’s a very sturdy and fun way for your child to keep his or her stuffed animals.

Animals can be placed inside through the bars or tossed in through the open top, like a game of basketball.  Even the littlest ones are able to easily move the bars and put their animals away.

While The Zoo Stuffed Animal Keeper is tall, it doesn’t take up that much floor space.  It’s two feet wide and one foot deep, so it will consume 2 square feet of floor space.  It can hold about 90 medium sized stuffed animals.  It’s made of sturdy plywood to be kid proof.

What are the negatives to this storage solution?  Well, it is a little bit expensive.   But you can get free shipping through this link.  You also have to assemble it, but it includes photos to help you along the way.  I would recommend you attach it to the wall to prevent it from tipping on your children.  Instructions on how to do this are also included.  Finally, it is just plain wood, so you may want to paint it.  However, this can be a fun job with the kids!

Reviews of The Zoo Stuffed Animal Organizer are very positive.  People love how it stores the animals effectively and how easy it is to use.  Plus, it is cute!  You can order it from their website here.

Plus – a little hint.  If you take a picture and send it in, they’ll give you a $12 rebate (if you live in the continental US.)  Make sure you get yours before they take away this offer!  Buy the Zoo Stuffed Animal Keeper with the button below.

the zoo stuffed animal storage

Toy Trees

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An alternative to the toy hammock or toy chain, toy trees can be a cute way to store stuffed animals.  These are 5 feet tall and 15 inches square, and can hold up to 52 stuffed animals and dolls.

The toy tree provides easy access to all your child’s toys.  It’s pretty easy to attach the animals, although it does require some fine motor skills.  Therefore, if you plan on your child using this by himself, it’s best if he’s around 5 to avoid frustration.

You can use it to organize any small toys.  Stuffed animals, dolls, and even action figures can be attached using the elastic bands.  It stands on four feet, which gives it a lot of stability.  Still, you may want to avoid putting all the toys on one side to prevent tipping.

Plastic toy trees are very useful for storing these small toys.  Most reviews were good on this particular tree – the dbest 00-022 stuffed animal organizer.  It was very easy to assemble – you just had to slide everything together.  There were no screws or nailing involved.

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