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Toy Hammock Instructions – How to Hang a Toy Hammock

One question I’m seeing being asked a lot is how to hang a toy hammock.  Fortunately, it’s not that difficult.  Even someone as unwieldy with a hammer can do it (with only a few bruised knuckles!)

First, you need to choose which corner of the room you’re going to put it in.  Don’t hang it on a flat wall unless you want to continuously pick up the toys and throw them back in.

Look at your hammock.  Is it a two point or three point style?  For two points, you’ll want to mark on your wall two spots a few feet down from the ceiling.  It can help to measure an equal distance from the ceiling to the floor in order to ensure your hammock is level.

Hold up your hammock.  Does it stretch adequately, but not too tightly?  You don’t want it either too loose or too tight.  Both can cause a lot of problems…

Once you’re satisfied with your placement, drill the pilot holes.  Use a small drill bit.  Don’t try to hold the bit with your fingers – it hurts.

Finally, twist in the mounting hooks (these should have come with your hammock.)  Make sure they are secure.  Attach your hammock and toss in the toys!

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